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Hoang Mai Media
Hoang Mai Media was established in 2009, a result of the contributions of experienced media experts, and the same unique goal: Towards becoming one of the media service providers leading in Vietnam.

"Professional, different and dedicated"

It is the "guideline" for us to perform well all the work over the past 10 years. What we do, whether small or large, is a combination of our deep insights and market insights, our relentless creative efforts towards the best results.

In 2014, Hoang Mai Media became a strategic media partner of VietnamFinance - Vietnam Financial Investment Page, an electronic publication of Investor Magazine. By providing the most accurate, objective and truthful information about the market and economic issues, VietnamFinance has become an information channel loved and trusted by many businesses and experts. Accompanying with the development of the magazine is Hoang Mai Media's efforts in connecting with businesses operating in the field of finance and banking.

In 2018, Hoang Mai Media became a strategic partner with The Post Poem, one of the leading media corporations in Korea. With 35 years of operation, The Post Poem has implemented many media campaigns for a series of big names such as Samsung, Hyundai, LG ... Hoang Mai Media is also honored to be the first partner of The Post Poem in Vietnam in The group plans to expand its market in Asia.

We believe that with a team of excellent consultants, we are always confident in making the most competitive and quality communication products.

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